Brilliant Events by Laureen Cauryn

Welcome to my blog

dating asian guys reddit Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my space where I will be showing and sharing all of my ideas for you to get to know me better let’s start with talking about a few of my favorite things. Dolphins…. LOVE!!! nuff said! I feel like I speak their language.

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frau kennenlernen islam Other languages I speak, French a bit of Spanish. I love learning languages and a learning about new cultures.

site de rencontre gratuit pour femmes en france I love to travel. Ask me how to go carry-on only for a week! I have a makeup kit that could easily rival a professional makeup artist Shades and palettes for every skin tone. I love doing mini makeovers on friends.

site rencontre pour mariage algerie I adore fresh cut flowers. In my spare time I like to arrange flowers for my friends and family. I usually use Supermarket flowers and wild flowers and foliage from around our yard.

site de rencontre femme de l'ardèche I was and always will be a drama geek. I still adore and have a spot for the theater, musicals, plays, the Opera and ballet. Really any type of live performance makes my day.

Find Out More I love LOVE! I am a gushy soft hearted romantic. I LOVE hearing love stories. I find relationship dynamics fascinating. I think P.D.A.’s are so cute. Naturally,  I love weddings!  Planning a celebration of the most beautiful and powerful sentiment we experience as humans is my calling and my honor.